Pivot 2021 Virtual Conference July 22-23 2021
Dismantling Reassembling - tools for alternative futures

Pivot 2021 invites you for two days of intercultural conversations about decoloniality and societal transformation. We aim to identify tools and practices of dismantling and reassembling that could favor ways of reshaping human presence on Earth, as well as concrete cases of alternative future-making from all around the world

As the world faces multiple colossal, interconnecting crises—COVID-19, social unrest, climate crisis, ravaging wildfires, the frightening spread of authoritarianism, and so on—there is an increasing awareness that the Western ways of life have reached a crossroads. What is currently asked from humanity is more than damage reduction but a profound societal transformation

THE THEME of Pivot 2021 focuses on the tools that we might design and use to dismantle the structures of the current civilizational model (aka patriarchal capitalist Modernity) and to reassemble the debris into new models, converting debris into the nurturing humus for worlds in the making.

BY TOOLS, we refer to not only artifacts but also to services, symbols, rules, institutions, policies, pedagogies, systems, environments, and so on. Tools constitute aspects of social life that we create to (re)shape the tangible reality.

DISMANTLING AND REASSEMBLING, two movements of social change. First, we need a phase of dismantling structures and unlearning normalized ways of thinking, being, and making. After dismantling, the debris – energy, nutrients, materials, bits, and pieces – of the old structures have to be reassembled in new ways, offering the rich humus for growing new worlds.

DESIGN is one of the disciplines/activities devoted to creating tools to (re)shape the world, referring to human practices of world-making. In its broadest sense, ‘design’ appeared over 2,5 million years ago when Homo habilis made the first tools (Friedman & Stolterman 2015). This conference is part of the movement to detach design (as a discipline and activity) from the values and beliefs of patriarchal capitalist Modernity and redirect it towards new styles of world-making.

SOUTH-NORTH/NORTH-SOUTH. The event will bring together designers, artists, scholars, and changemakers from both the Global South and Global North, diversifying ideas, cultures, accents, and voices. We will showcase ideas and initiatives from urban racialized minorities to Indigenous peoples from several countries and designers and scholars who are working towards alternative futures and societal transformation.