Pivot 2021 Virtual Conference July 22-23 2021
Dismantling Reassembling - tools for alternative futures

Conference Format

PIVOT 2021 was a two-day event (July 22-23, 2021) held online, using Zoom and SpatialChat platforms. Each day featured three keynote sessions, a musical performance, and 11-12 panels exploring different themes.

We received 126 submissions from around the world (Mexico, Turkey, UK, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Finland, Brazil, India, Sweden, Slovenia, Greece, Portugal, Germany, China, Ecuador, Netherlands, Italy, Argentina, Japan, Pakistan, Paraguay, South Africa, Chile, USA, Canada). We accepted submissions in four languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French) to reduce the obstacles for people who are not native English-speakers — people who can understand English but are not completely fluent. 

All the submissions were peer-reviewed by our international board of reviewers, receiving at least two reviews each. For the conference, we divided the final 68 accepted contributions into 23 panels.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Renata M. Leitão (Cornell University / OCAD University)

Dr. Lesley-Ann Noel (North Carolina State University)
Prof. Immony Men (OCAD University)

Committee Members
Dr. Laura Murphy (Tulane University)
Prof. Michele Washington (Fashion Institute of Technology)
Dr. María de Mater O’Neill (Rubberband Design Studio)
Prof. Pawel Pokutycki (Royal Academy of Art)
Prof. Maria Rogal (University of Florida)
Prof. Sucharita Beniwal (National Institute of Design)
Dr. Manuela Taboada (Queensland University of Technology)
Nicholas B.Torretta (Umeå Institute of Design)

Conference Coordination
Jananda Lima (OCAD University)

Graphic Design
Jananda Lima
Dorsa Mohammadi Kartalaei
Tieni Meninato
Renata Leitão 

Video Editing and Motion Graphics
Jonathan Silveira

Graduate Assistants
Lilian Leung
Abedar Kamgari
Candide Uyanze
Mairead Stewart