Pivot 2021 Virtual Conference July 22-23 2021
Dismantling Reassembling - tools for alternative futures

Between Borderlands and Intersections | Roñe’e yvype (We talk about land)

In this paper I propose land-based design methodologies as a way to un-design the colonial space of the University. I contextualize land-based pedagogy within an embodied practice and thus I address my own positionality as a LatinX Queer Brown Woman. In the context of a course that I developed called Re-reading Place, I am bringing in a methodology that I define as Land-bordering, which captures the transmission of memories and lived experiences as they connect to the land and the intersections that influenced that experience. It is making with the land by creating a space of possibilities and sympoiesis. I propose a design process of dismantling the colonial structures of modernist design that exacerbate the individual and the universal, by looking back, reading place and its history, recognizing its Indigenous Sovereignty, but also bringing in our own epistemologies, decolonizing ourselves and tracing the footprints of a community that in a respectful way aims to build a World where many Worlds can fit.  With the support of the Aboriginal Gathering Place and the collaboration of indigenous cultural advisors, the course engages the role of Indigenous local knowledge, languages and protocols in the creation of a wayfinding system for the school, taking onto a journey of dismantling and re-tooling the university space.

Indigenous Sovereignty, Pluriverse, Decoloniality, Borderlands

About Pat Vera

Pat Vera is an architect, designer, educator and researcher with 15+ years of practice. Her current research focuses in incorporating Indigenous knowledge and alternative epistemologies into land-based design and pedagogy, promoting the Pluriverse as the space in which to converse among different worldviews. Pat brings in her own cosmovision from Paraguay, with the Guarani language that she speaks, as a way to recognize her own borderlands: those cultural borders that she redefines as intersectional margins, where the racialized view of capitalist and modernist societies define and delimit geographies and cultural identities, creating oppression, discrimination and marginalization. Pat is a Sessional Faculty at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, teaching Core Design studio courses and Interdisciplinary Design since 2014. She is an ECUAD MDes 2022 candidate in Interdisciplinary Design. She is a proud member of the Vancouver DESIS Lab and a DESIS Scholar 2021. She is also the 2021 ECUAD Fellow in Decolonization for her research in Decoloniality and Pluriversal Studies and a member of the Design Justice Network.

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