Pivot 2021 Virtual Conference July 22-23 2021
Dismantling Reassembling - tools for alternative futures

Care/Community/Action!: Cards for alternative care paradigms

Care/Community/Action! is a generative card set that facilitates the examination and reimagining of material cultures and designed environments through a lens of care. These cards are intended as a systems change tool for designers, researchers, educators, and other curious minds to begin unpacking ideas of what care is and can look like through collections of images, questions and creative prompts. Using applied design research practices, participants are able to link small actions and artifacts to larger systems and values that they are entangled in. Through the untangling of these relationships, new understandings of what care is, how it shapes and connects communities, and how it relates to justice, equity, and sustainability can be formed. Participants can then begin imagining new worlds and paradigms that can better foster communities and societies that centre and uplift care as a core value and philosophy. Care/Community/Action! Employs a framework of generosity, play, imagination, collaboration, and care to enable participants to understand care in a nuanced and complex manner that allows for contradictions and pluralities of care to coexist, while also encouraging participants to confront blindspots and biases in their approaches to caring for/with more-than-humans, ecosystems, and each other.

Design Education; Community Engagement; Design Ethnography; Care-centred methodology

About Morgan Martino

Morgan Martino is an interdisciplinary designer, researcher and facilitator, whose work focuses on building and supporting communities that can foster caring relationships, critical learning, and informed social change. Her current research practice explores how everyday material culture and designed systems inform and reflect our complex relationships to care. Morgan graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in spring 2021, studying Industrial Design and Social Practice + Community Engagement, and was the student speaker for her graduating class. Morgan currently works as a research assistant for Emily Carr’s Health Design Lab, and coordinates the Roving Designers; a collective she founded in fall 2020. Morgan is a white queer trans woman who has spent most of her life as an uninvited guest within Treaty 7 territory of Southern Alberta.

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