Pivot 2021 Virtual Conference July 22-23 2021
Dismantling Reassembling - tools for alternative futures

Dancing with the Troubles of AI

We have designed a ritual that embraces the magical, illogical, delightful, and laughable. Through that experience, we rehearsed with our bodies protocols for anticipating, noticing and addressing ethical tensions in AI. We have facilitated this as a participatory experience 4 times for over 100 people, including industry, researchers, and practitioners from many disciplines. At Pivot, we will be presenting insights from our investigations into ethics of AI using Research through Design, and inspired by Indigenous AI protocols, and Ritual Design. We will reflect on the relations between ethics and kinesthetics. Beyond the duties of data management, privacy, justice, diversity, we aim to support abilities to design for “a world where many worlds fit”; capacities to respond to uncertainty with music, movements, and ethical doings. We are 4 creative ethic-ticians, working in the areas of design, fashion, arts, and philosophy, making tools and spaces to inspire, drive, support and assess innovation responsive to societal and planetary crises, which we call Ethics through Design.

AI; Ritual; Ethics; Pluriversal Design

About Malé Luján Escalante, Luke R. Moffat, Lizzie Harrison, and Viv Kuh

Malé Luján Escalante is a Design Researcher and Educator with expertise in Design-led Responsible Innovation, focusing on ethical implications of socio-technological systems, radical futures, and other ways of knowing. She experiments using creative and co-design methods to catalyse cross-disciplinary, cross-sector collaboration and community engagement. Specifically, she is interested in social values embedded within data systems, services, and practices – inclusivity, diversity, trust, security, freedom, consent, privacy. Malé is the Co-director of isITethical? Exchange Service and Community Platform and has developed work within the medical, disaster response and risk management domains. She likes to play, she likes mementos and magic tokens. Interested in topics related to: Responsible Design, Pluriversal Design, Ethics through Design, Knowledge Exchange, Ethics of Technology, Transcultural Futures, and, general crossovers between STS and Design.

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