Pivot 2021 Virtual Conference July 22-23 2021
Dismantling Reassembling - tools for alternative futures

Fem Diàleg – Feminist Participatory Thinking Space

We present the case study of Fem Diàleg, an initiative that explores dialogue as a social practice. Fem Diàleg proposition is to articulate the question of knowledge-creation praxis by triangulating: the feminist epistemologies of situated knowledge, art as a relational practise and dialogue as a shared and embodied reflexivity. Since its inception in 2019 Fem Diàleg has organized nine gatherings with over 250 participants and more than 22 invited artists and guests. With our presentation will explain the approach of the intervention and share the main insights gained through the design and hosting of the gatherings. We will deep dive into the implications for design and share the layers of social infrastructure that allow us to create a space of equality amongst participants, trust, mutual respect, care and commitment. This presentation is an invitation to collectively reflect about the conditions to subvert the dogmas of purity and how to enable the entanglement of new affinities and ideas that come as a result of otherness, difference and specificity.

Dialogue; feminism; social practice; participatory thinking

About Mercè Rua and Gabriela Masferrer

Mercè Rua Fargues I am designer by training with complementary education in psychology and theatre. I’m determined to put my skills, curiosity and inquiry in service to the transition towards more fair societies. I am founding member of Holon, a collective funded in 2014 advancing the role of design in societal transformations. I have a broad scope of interest but I’m actively researching on the use of embodiment and constellations as collective sense making tools.

Gabriela Masfarré Pintó I am an economist currently studying philosophy. My career has mostly developed in the fields of development and social innovation. I currently work in the design and orchestration of diverse communities of practice. My research interests are in understanding social infrastructure practices for new ecologies of imagination.

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