Pivot 2021 Virtual Conference July 22-23 2021
Dismantling Reassembling - tools for alternative futures

Critical Tools: Design pedagogy for alternative ways of making futures

The design academia demands and values design student’s knowledge of the established canon of theories, practices, and practitioners that stems from the colonial and Eurocentric foundations of design. The design and production of artifacts in industrial design education are based on such mainstream notions of design education and the studio practices are often unsustainable. We are currently living in postnormal times that call for postnormal design practices. In this work, though a studio project I present a literal dismantling of black box products as metaphors of capitalist design and reassembling them in new modes of imagining and making futures. This case study of pedagogy as a decolonizing strategy is based on idea of exploring value in industrial design by learning from critical making practices of the Global South represented by the term Jugaad. This critical tool as pedagogy is a pathway to understand the alternative and pluriversal design approach and futures based in forms of making justice that dismantles and reassembles our old tools as pedagogies of design and futuring and create opportunities for training designers that change existing situations into preferred ones based on a strong ethos of social justice.

critical making: jugaad: industrial design; design education

About Deepa Butoliya

Dr. Deepa Butoliya: My research has focused on critical perspectives and practices in design. I research critique in design from multiple pluriversal perspectives. My doctoral research was rooted in exploring critical design practices from the Global South and involves exploring the criticality embedded in the ubiquitous and very human practice of Jugaad which is a Hindi term for make-do situated under severe constraints and I aimed to bring ingenuity as value to the ever-evolving landscape of design, technology, and culture. As a part of my research, I have co-curated an international exhibition and organized a symposium to explore the current practices in speculative and critical design by bringing in global perspectives in the knowledge, research, and practice of this genre of design. I have presented my research and conducted workshops at several conferences like IDSA, Making Futures, EPIC, CHI, IASDR and PRIMER. 

 I am a Hindu cis woman from a middle-class family in India and now settled in United States with my husband and two boys working as a (so called skilled immigrant) researcher, scholar and educator. Being a designer, architect, and educator across two continents and cultures, I perceive design and design education from a pluriversal perspective. My mission is bringing awareness to alternate and just futures for all.  


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