Pivot 2021 Virtual Conference July 22-23 2021
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The Design of Selling Violence and People of Color (POC)

Society imposes boundaries for different violent behaviors and claims what is acceptable versus unacceptable, but how can this be understood when the tolerance level is often changing?

When society glamorizes a murderer on the front page of the newspaper, we then have the celebration of violence. When society turns a blind eye to a woman being beaten by her husband, trapped in domestic abuse, we consent to the harming of women. When society says no to gun violence but supermarkets sell placebo guns as toys to children, we then change the definition of violence and shift the placement of its boundary. 

To grow up in an environment where tolerance is often shifting, many will assume that any degree of violence could be the norm.  

Let’s talk about how did violence against People of Color (POC) became normalized in our society.

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